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Parkour Parties

The Ultimate Birthday Party Experience

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You've never partied like
this before!

A Motion Parkour party is unlike any other birthday party experience. We include lots of fun and games, (like nerf tag!) as well as a structured learning experience so every partygoer comes away with cool new skills.

Age and group options

We run super fun parties for birthday boys and girls 7 - 14 years old. We recommend keeping the group age range within 2 to 3 years to allow us to plan age appropriate activities. We will always tailor the activities to the youngest person in the group to ensure everyone can participate.

Small Party: 1-10 participants

Medium Party: 11-15 participants 

Large Party: 16-20 participants

Extra Large: 21-25 participants

If you would like to organise a larger party, please contact us at so we can talk about some more options. 

What you bring and what we provide?

We provide the venue, coaches and fun activities, you provide the kids and food. If you would like to bring party food, drinks and cakes, we have a tabled area with a fridge and freezer for you to use. 

When are parties?

Balcatta - Saturdays at 3.00pm

Bassendean - Saturdays a3.00pm


These slots can book out several months in advance, so it's best to book early. 

How long does the party run for?

All parties consist of a 90 minute guided session followed by 30 minute access to our tabled waiting area for food and drink — so 2 hours altogether. 

Where are parties held?

Parties can be booked at our Bassendean facility and our Balcatta facility.



For up to 10 participants 


For 11-15 participants 


For 16-20 participants

X Large
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