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The basics...

What to wear and bring?

  • Comfortable sports clothes

  • water bottle

  • Enclosed sports shoes

 (No crocs, thongs, sandals, wellies etc)

Please ensure that your child wears shoes that they can take on and off without assistance (eg Velcro if they can not yet tie laces).


If you plan to stay on site for the duration of your child's class, we kindly ask that you utilise local street parking to keep our bays free for drop off and pick up.


unit 2, 146 Balcatta Road



Unit 2, 19 Purser Loop


Term 4 2023

Term Dates

Term will start on Monday 9th October and end on Saturday 16th December.


Classes will be running as normal over any public holidays that fall during term.

Important Dates

Holiday Camp Bookings open

Monday 23rd October

Term 1 2024 bookings open - current students only

Friday 3rd November 4pm

(We'll send you an email and an SMS)

Term 1 2024 bookings open to public

Friday 10th November

Show and Tell BALCATTA

Sunday 3rd December

Show and Tell BASSENDEAN

Sunday 10th December

Term 1 2024

Term Dates

Term will start on Monday 29th January and end on Saturday 30th March.


Classes will be running as normal over any public holidays that fall during term.

Important Dates

Holiday Camp Bookings open

Monday 12th February.

Term 2 2024 bookings open - current students only

Friday 23rd February 4pm

(We'll send you an email and an SMS)

Term 2 2024 bookings open to public

Friday 1st March

Show and Tell BALCATTA

Sunday 24th March

Show and Tell BASSENDEAN

Sunday 31st March

Show and Tell
Upcoming events this term...
What's on...

Show and Tell Open Sessions
Show and tell sessions are 45 minute sessions that are available to currently Parkour Academy students only. During these sessions each student will be able to have one accompanying adult on the gym floor with them (parents are welcome to switch out mid way). The sessions are supervised by a coach but are unstructured, meaning that your child can work on and show you whatever they want during the session.

Parents, these sessions are a great opportunity to see how your kids have been progressing, have a look through their grading books, and even get some cool photos and videos of your kids showing off their best skills.

Here are the times and dates of our current scheduled sessions....


Sunday 3rd December

Session 1 - 9:00am

Session 2 - 9:50am

Session 3 - 10:40am

(Session 3 will only be available if S1 and S2 book out)


Sunday 10th December

Session 1 - 9:00am

Session 2 - 9:50am

Session 3 - 10:40am

(Session 3 will only be available if S1 and S2 book out)

Session cost - $12

Youth Club
Youth Club (12-17 years)

Every Friday 6pm to 8.30 at Balcatta

(Term time only)

Youth club is open to any of our students between the ages of 12-17. Students are welcome to bring friends or siblings that are not students along as guests. 

During youth club hours attendees will have access to our youth club lounge and gym floor. The youth club lounge is kitted out with lots of cool features, such as a games room with  65'' Tv and X-Box, a chill out zone with a Mortal Kombat arcade machine, board games and music, and a tuck shop to purchase snacks and drinks. We will also have a movie playing in the main reception area each week. The gym floor area will be open for training for students only (no guests).

Youth club is a great opportunity for students from different classes / gyms to meet each other and socialise. There will usually be several of our coaches kicking around too, so it's a great chance for students to get to know their coaches a little better, or even challenge them to a round or two on the x-box.

Youth club is a drop and drive session. The cost is $12 per person (cash or card). No need to pre book, just head on down.

Books and Grading
Books and Grading

What's it all about?
Our grading system is designed to allow students to safely progress to more advanced movements. All Parkour Academy students (not mini movers) have the option to take part in our grading system. Students that do not wish to take part in gradings will still get to have lots of fun and learn all of our basic movements, but may not be able to progress onto the more advanced movements or enrol into our advanced classes.

How does it work?
Our grading system consists of seven levels (L0 to L6). All students start at L0 and progress through the levels. Each time a student passes a new level, they will be awarded a certificate and a coloured wrist band that corresponds to that level. The wrist bands allow our coaches to quickly identify which students in each group are working at which level. This allows our coaches to ensure each student is working on the appropriate movements for their skill level. We may also determine which group to put a student in based on their wrist band. 


How do students move up levels?
We have found that most children become anxious and do not perform well in official grading sessions, so all of our assessing takes place during their regular classes. During each station rotation the coach will note what level of movement each enrolled student managed to achieve during their practice. This is marked onto a grading sheet, the marks are then transferred to the students individual grading book at the end of the day. Once a student has passed enough movements, they will be awarded their certificate and wrist band for that level.

Students that wish to progress through the levels at a faster pace are encouraged to get their grading books out during free time and ask a coach to help them with the movements they have not yet passed.

How long does it take to pass each level?

This varies depending on a variety of factors (age, previous sporting experience, focus in class, etc) but here is a rough guideline of how long it takes for a beginner to reach each level ...

Level 1 - 1-2 terms

Level 2 - 6 to 9 months

Level 3 - 1 to 1.5 years

Level 4 - 1.5 to 2.5 years

Level 5 - 3+ years

Level 6 - 4+ years

There is an initial cost of $18, which will be charged to your account using your stored billing info. This covers the cost of the grading book and the associated wrist bands. This is not a per term cost. You will not be charged again until your child has passed all grades in book 1 and is ready to move on to book two (levels 4 to 6)

Advanced classes
You may have noticed that we have several advanced classes on our schedule. These advanced classes can only be accessed by students that have passed the relevant grade for that class. For example, our L1 advanced classes are only available to students that have achieved a minimum of their L1 certificate. Our advanced classes are able to be more tailored to the students by grouping together students of the same age and grades. Students that have passed grades are always welcome to stay in the mixed level classes if they prefer.

What else do I need to do?
Absolutely nothing. Once you have enrolled online we do the rest. We will issue your child their personal grading book which will have their details written in the front. Their book will then be placed on a shelf in the gym corresponding with their class time. You will also notice that your child will have a coloured name tag after enrolling.

How to enrol into our grading system?
Simply fill out the form below...

Grading registrations have now closed for the term.

School Holiday Camp
School Holidays

Upcoming holiday dates

Week 1: Starts 18th December
Week 2: Starts 2nd January

Week 3: Starts 8th January

Week 4: Starts 15th January

Week 5: Starts 22 January

Camp sessions run Mon to Fri during the school holidays (except on public holidays).

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