After School Parkour 

The Ultimate After School Parkour Program

What is TMA After School Parkour Program?

TMA after school parkour program is The Motion Academy term time parkour program. Term 1 2021 program runs for 9 weeks and coincides with WA term dates. All students have the opportunity to partake in our Parkour certification program where they will work through certificates to achieve new grades and progress to advanced level movements. 

Our Kids Parkour coaches are among the most experienced and qualified parkour coaches in Australia.  Enroll now for our term 1 - 2021 parkour program.

Session Times and Dates

Term 1 registrations are now open.


4pm: 5-8 years 

5pm: 7-10 years


  2.30pm: 5-13 years

4pm: 5-13 years

5pm: 7-10 years


4pm: 5-8 years

5pm: 10-13 years


2.30pm: Teen Class (13 - 17 years) 

4pm: 7-10 years

5pm: 10-13 years

6pm: Teen Class (13 - 17 years) 


4pm: 5-13 years 

5pm: 10-13 years 


9.30am: 5-13 years 

10.30am: 5-13 years 

11.30am: 5-13 years 

1.00pm: Teen Class (13 - 17 years) 

*Remaining availability is updated daily and may have changed since last updated.


Term 1
9 Weeks
*Check out our earlybird specials below!

Early Bird cut off dates

By booking into our programs well in advance, not only do you guarantee your preferred time slots, you help us to get organised early by being able to plan stuff like class caps, staff rotas and class activities.


As our way of saying thank you, we have set up a series of early bird discounts.


20% super early bird - Book before Sunday 22nd November - use discount code - SUPEREARLY20

10% Early bird - book between 23/11/20 and 13/12/20 - use discount code - EARLYBIRD10

5% Last Chance - book between 14/12/20 and 31/01/22 - use discount code - LASTCHANCE5

How to Book

Step 1 - Click the 'Enrol Now' button below

Step 2 - Click 'Sign up now' button

Step 3 - Log in or create a profile. Add each child attending as a family member

Step 4 - Select the appropriate payment option then proceed to checkout.

IMPORTANT - Each child will need to be enrolled separately.

*Please see payment terms at bottom of page before booking

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Kids Parkour Academy?

Term 1

Monday 1st February

to Saturday 3rd April

How long are the classes?

Term 1 sessions run for 55 minutes.

What time slots are available?

Mon - Fri

Session 1: 4:00 pm - 4:55 pm

Session 2: 5:00 pm - 5:55 pm


Session 1: 9:30 am - 10:25 am

Session 2: 10:30 am - 11:25 am

Session 3: 11:30 am - 12:25 pm

How many kids per class?

To ensure a safe environment we separate each class into groups and limit our student to teacher ratio to no more than 10:1

Beware of other facilities that operate with up to 15+ students per coach. This is not safe practice.

Is Parkour just for boys?

Not at all! Parkour is for everyone and we have many young girls in our Parkour programs. It is also a very complimentary  training method for girls training dance, netball, gymnastics and many other sports.

Who are the coaches?

The Motion Academy is the only facility in Australia that has a coaching team that is comprised entirely of ADAPT certified coaches. 

We pride ourselves on having some of the best, most experienced and highest qualified coaches in Perth.

Do you have multiple locations?

We just have the one facility located in Balcatta. We are not associated with or affiliated with any other gym or parkour program.

Is Parkour Safe?

Yes! Some gyms are very padded and don't offer any similarities to the real world of concrete, brick and metal. This is usually done because they want to keep kids "safe". We understand that kids are going to want to do parkour in the real world so our kids parkour program is designed to teach kids how to navigate real world obstacles. We want to prepare them for the environment they will be playing in.

We do however pride ourselves on delivering low injury rates by teaching children how to have fun whilst taking calculated and responsible risks. That is where our highly skilled coaching team comes in. We will teach them the safest,  methods and techniques of tackling obstacles, jumping off blocks, rolling, landing and swinging to ensure they get the best experience possible and learn real life skills.

We do have a number of mats and soft blocks which we use when working above certain heights and for unfamiliar movements, especially for the younger kids, so that they can learn in a less confronting environment. 


Payment Terms

(Term time program)

Please take the time to read these terms carefully before making a purchase.

Payment must be made in full at the time of booking. We are unable to hold or reserve spaces without payment. 

For all booking requests received via email, text message or Facebook, we will process payment with your stored details. If you would prefer to use a different method of payment, please use our online booking system.

Please ensure that you are certain of your booking before you make it, we are unable to offer refunds for non attendance, or change of mind. If your child is unable to attend due to serious injury or illness, we may be able to offer an account credit for future programs.

In the event that you no longer wish to keep your booking, bookings are transferable to another student if you have a friend or family member that wishes to take their place. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to arrange this. All transfers must be done before the start of term and will incur a $10 administration fee.

We will provide an account credit for any classes that are cancelled due to the covid-19 outbreak.

Early bird discounts can not be used in conjunction with any other offer. 

Term price of $169 is a discounted rate for full term enrolments only (10 sessions). Late enrolments or partial enrolments will be charged at the casual rate of $20 per class.

We are not able to issue refunds or credits where online purchases have been made without using discount codes.

We are able to make one booking change per child, free of charge. Additional booking changes will incur a $5 administration fee per child.